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Natural Hair Colour: What does that even mean?

Safe and healthy clients are our number one priority here at Claire Hair Boutique! That is why we have committed to only using clean and natural hair colours. But at a point of time where terms like “organic”; “sustainable” and “free-from” are buzzing, it is easy to get confused by what is what. That’s why we’d like to give you a better understanding of what “natural” hair colour means. Does “organic” hair colour even exist?

Ammonia – what is it?

Let’s take it from the start. You might have heard about “ammonia”. Despite its well-known negative side effects, the chemical is still a standard ingredient in conventional hair colours and is the reason for their strong and smelly fumes. Severe coughs, headaches and skin damages are only a few of the possible side effects of exposure to ammonia. However, it plays an important role in hair colours: Ammonia opens the hair cuticles so that the colour is able to develop for a permanent stay. Luckily researchers in the beauty industry have found more natural alternatives that do the job just as well. The only reason for still using ammonia is, therefore, the low purchasing price.

The colour line that we’re using in our salon, NATULIQUE, replaces ammonia with Cocamide MEA. MEA is a naturally derived and thus the most natural and gentle alternative to ammonia, as it uses the fatty acids of coconut oil. To be as natural as we can, Claire Hair chose a colour line where the amount of MEA is as small as possible. What’s important to notice here is, that there is no 100% natural ingredient that is able to replace ammonia. A 100% certified organic hair colour that is still permanent and able to cover greys is therefore unfortunately not available – yet!

The myth about PPD

Many clients come to Claire Hair because they have an allergy or heightened sensitivity to P-Phenylenediamine (commonly referred to as PPD). PPD is yet another chemical substance responsible for grey coverage and permanent colouring. It does however not live up to its negative reputation. Most people do not have any reactions to PPD and can definitely use colours containing PPD in small amounts without any harm. Before colouring a client’s hair we always perform a patch test to see if there are allergies or reactions to the product.

The only way to create a PPD-free hair colour that still covers greys is by using its “sister”-compound, PTD. But careful: Many people who are allergic to PPD are also allergic to PTD. The latter is just a little less known.

Our salon colour line NATULIQUE

As mentioned before, Claire’s Hair Boutique uses the Danish family brand NATULIQUE.  Their colours have the lowest concentrations of MEA and PPD on the market and as many certified organic ingredients as possible while still fulfilling all functionality and quality standards.

Summing up, a 100% certified organic, permanent, grey-covering hair colour does not exist. However you can still go for a way healthier and safer choice when colouring your hair. The key is to avoid ammonia and go for a colour line with the lowest concentration of MEA, PPD, or PTD and certified organic ingredients – as we do at Claire Hair Boutique! If you still have questions, we’re happy to answer them during your next visit to the salon.