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5 reasons why our NATULIQUE Dry Shampoo is your new best friend

There’s no doubt that dry shampoo is one of the best product inventions the beauty industry has come forward with over the years. A good dry shampoo is about more than just extending the time between hair washes. At Claire Hair Boutique NATULIQUE’s Volumizing Dry Shampoo is one of our stylists’ best friends and we’d like to give you 6 reasons why we think everyone needs to have a bottle of this multitasker in their bag at all times.

1. Styling

In the salon, we love to use the dry shampoo as a more gentle alternative to hairspray. When your hair is naturally slick, soft or just freshly washed, the dry shampoo adds texture and grip for easy styling, fixed braids or updos. The lightweight product will provide hold for a whole day but make combing through easier than hairspray.

To serve all clients’ needs the dry shampoo comes not only in a travel and a regular size but also in two different tones: A light tone for blondes and a dark tone for the dark-haired beauties amongst you. Thanks to the pigments in the product naturally grey-haired clients can use the dry shampoo to cover their regrowth in between color appointments.

2. Volumizing

It’s been a long day at work and you’re already late for that dinner date with your friends. But your hair looks dull and lifeless and you don’t have time for a proper styling session? Don’t worry! A few quick sprays of NATULIQUE Dry Shampoo will lift your hair naturally at the scalp. Blending into either bright or dark hair, it adds body and makes it fuller.

3. Degreasing

It falls better and feels better: We all love that “freshly-washed” hair feeling. But sometimes there’s just not enough hours in a busy day, you want to spare your hair another wash or you chose to sacrifice clean hair for a few more minutes in the warm bed. In these situations, there’s nothing more convenient than having a reliable dry shampoo up your sleeve. NATULIQUE’s dry shampoo absorbs oil, perspiration and make-up debris and leaves the hair naturally cleansed and degreased. No one will see you skipped that shower – we promise!

4. Healing

For hair to be beautiful it needs to be healthy! Rich in beneficial, natural ingredients like Aloe Vera Extract, the NATULIQUE Dry Shampoo soothes and heals inflamed scalps and strengthens the strands. Certified organic power-fruit ingredients like goji or blueberries nourish the hair with valuable vitamins and promote overall health from scalp to tips.

But careful – the natural, refreshing fragrance makes you want more…

5. Eco-friendly

But our dry shampoo is not only a healthier solution for you, but also for the environment. Spray cans are often associated with air pollution. The propellant used in NATULIQUE aerosols, however, is Bio DME gas, which is derived from renewable biomass waste. This means that it’s biodegradable, non-corrosive and will not contaminate soil or aquifers. Bio DME is moreover non-carcinogenic, non-mutagenic and virtually non-toxic to humans.